Fairy Quest (OLD COVER clearance item)


Clearance book – Old cover, same great story inside

When fairy babies get fairynapped, a young girl sets on an adventure that will change her life forever.

Recommended ages: 6-12 years

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A discovery of a glowing pink tree with colourful lights dancing around it has Rosie’s curiosity piqued. Her excitement grows after realising that the lights are fairies only SHE can see.

This enchanting encounter soon turns into a dangerous adventure after the fairy babies are taken. Rosie joins the Queen and her entourage on a perilous mission to save them.

In the course of the journey, Rosie must break a promise given to her mum, conquer her fears and utilise leadership skills she didn’t even know she had. With no magic powers of her own and the prospects of facing an evil fairy Queen, Rosie has to rely on her human abilities.

Will the fairies and Rosie succeed or perish on their quest?


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