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Meet Iveta Ongley, the mind behind two delightful chapter book series as well as two fun picture books. Based in New Zealand, she resides in a cozy home surrounded by inspiration. While her two-legged companions keep her busy, it’s her feline muses that truly reign supreme.

When Iveta isn’t weaving enchanting tales for children, she immerses herself in adventures that feed her creativity. Whether strolling sandy shores in search of seashells or wandering through the bush, she finds solace in nature’s symphony.

With her whisker-twitching companions at her side, Iveta finds endless inspiration for her stories. Yet, time is her foe as she races to capture every idea that dances through her mind.

So go ahead and explore the world of books created by Iveta Ongley.


Fairy Quest

The Adventures of Rosie Hart (Book 1)

When fairy babies get fairynapped, a young girl sets on an adventure that will change her life forever.

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Mermaid Rescue

 The Adventures of Rosie Hart (Book 2)

Rosie is looking forward to some fun in the sun. But danger lurks beneath the surface of the sea with dark magic at play.

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Unicorn Mission

 The Adventures of Rosie Hart (Book 3)

After meeting a group of Unicorn Guardians, a young girl’s life turns into a whirlwind of magic, action, adventure, and mystery.

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Dragon Hunt

 The Adventures of Rosie Hart (Book 4)

Reuniting a friend with his family should be a joyful event. However, things tend to get a bit complicated when you are dealing with dragons.

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Little Monster's Book of Feelings

Little Monster’s Book of Feelings

Little Monster is starting his day on a happy note. What happens when he gets sick on the swing? Will his day end up in tears or can he regain the joy he felt at the beginning? Find out in this delightful picture book.

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The adventures of a chocolate bunny

The Adventures of a Chocolate Bunny

Scared of getting eaten, a chocolate bunny finds himself on the loose. After the initial surprise and scare, he embarks on an adventure of his lifetime.

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Tangelo capers

Tangelo Capers

Hello, I’m Tangelo.
I’m cute, I’m orange, and I love nothing more than a good ribbon tangle.
Unfortunately, my family of two-legs doesn’t always appreciate my creations.
Well, they don’t understand art like I do, do they!?

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Fallen Star

Fallen Star

Hello, I’m Star.
I’m smart, I’m green, and I love nothing more than collecting and hiding beautiful objects.
Unfortunately, my family of two-legs doesn’t always appreciate my hobby.
Well, they don’t understand my collector’s soul, do they!?

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Tippytoes the fairy

Tippytoes the Fairy

Hello, I’m Tippytoes.
I’m magical, I’m yellow, and I love nothing more than a good magical spell.
Unfortunately, my spells don’t always listen to me.
Well, I’m only a fairy in training at the moment, you know?!

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Knoxie catastrophe

Knoxie Catastrophe

Hello, I’m Knoxie.
I’ll meet you properly later this year.

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Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble

Hello, I’m Bubble.
I’ll meet you properly later this year.

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Chicken Nibbles

Chicken Nibbles

Hello, I’m Nibbles.
I’ll meet you properly later this year.

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Missing Mittens

Missing Mittens

Hello, I’m Mittens.
I’ll meet you properly later this year.

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"Fairies. Dragons. Queens. Adventure. Suspense. Sadness. Excitement. What more could a young reader ask for!? Great chapter storybook hitting all the characters my granddaughters love to read about."


"I loved this book! The illustrations are fantastic, and the gentle rhyming story is really sweet. (No pun intended). I laughed out loud at the ending, I am going to share it with my children later. I am sure they will find it as funny as I did. Brilliant!"


"Such a great book about emotions. What I liked about it is that through the story we go through different emotions just in few moments, showing children that any feelings are just temporary. I also liked that illustrations focused solely on representing the feelings to help children recognize them. I would highly recommend it."


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