Mermaid Rescue (OLD COVER clearance item)


Clearance book – Old cover, same great story inside

Rosie is looking forward to some fun in the sun. But danger lurks beneath the surface of the sea. A sorcerer has cast a terrible spell over the Mermaid Princess, and Rosie is the only one who can save her. Together with her dragon friend, she has to follow the trail of dark magic and face the perils ahead.

Recommended ages: 6-12 years

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After the success of Book 1Fairy Quest, comes another great read in The Adventures of Rosie Hart series.

Rosie is visiting the seaside with her family and dragon, Spark. Aided by a bit of magical help, the two friends discover that they can breath underwater. Thinking that this ability will provide them with hours of excitement, they frolic in the depths of the ocean. After stumbling upon a Mermaid Kingdom, they realise that they got more than they bargained for. The enchanted Mermaid Princess needs rescuing and so their perilous adventure begins.

Teamed up with a knowledgeable seahorse, they embark on the treacherous journey. Rosie soon finds out that being a human under the water is not an easy task. She has to rely not only on her own skills and abilities but mainly on the skills of other creatures and the power of her friendship with Spark. Feeling vulnerable, she presses on.

Rosie and her companions must gather the last of their strengths and determination to succeed in their quest. Will it be enough to defeat the sorcerer and his powers? Find out in Mermaid Rescue!


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