Unicorn Mission

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The Unicorn Guardians are desperate. The Sacred Rainbow has been taken and without it the land won’t survive Winter!

Rosie and fairies join in the search, but dark magic and a large clumsy creature will not make their mission easy. Who will win this race with time?

Recommended ages: 6-12 years

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Unicorn Mission is Book 3 in The Adventures of Rosie Hart series.

With her dragon, Spark, visiting mermaids and all her human friends away, Rosie doesn’t expect much of the school holidays. That is until a beautiful rainbow appears in the meadow and she meets a herd of Unicorn Guardians.

Then suddenly, the Sacred Rainbow disappears. Rosie and the Rosula tree fairies join the unicorns in search for the lost colours. With dark magic and a large clumsy creature thrown into the mix, this is not going to be such an easy task. Can they return the Rainbow to its place before it is too late?

7 reviews for Unicorn Mission

  1. Sophie (age 9yrs)

    I loved it! It felt like you were standing there with the characters. There was so much detail and I loved that it had a mystery to solve. I also loved that it involved lots of different characters like unicorns, people, goblins, mermaids and magic!

    • Iveta

      Sophie, I am so grateful for your review. I am excited that you loved it so much. Thank you

  2. Natalie (age 7yrs)

    It is really good – I love it! I love reading about unicorns.

    • Iveta

      I am so happy you loved the book, Natalie. Unicorns are the best, aren’t they?

  3. Fee

    ’ve had time to read your delightful book. Please understand that I’m not a writer of children’s stories so I’m not sure if I’m the right person. However, I did find the story captivating and I think it would be a hit with little girls. It flowed and was easy to read.
    One thing I did like was that the drawings in it could easily be coloured in by the children making it a real interactive book.

    • Iveta

      Thank you very much Fee. I am so happy you enjoyed the book. Iveta

  4. Cazzy Zahursky

    Once again, Iveta Ongley warms our family’s hearts with another magical, imaginative Rosie Hart adventure! We loved the first two books, Fairy Quest and Mermaid Rescue, so when we followed Rosie on her newest adventure with unicorns, my girls we’re beyond thrilled! In addition to being well written, there were several opportunities for my daughters to learn a few new words. My youngest, loved the search for each color of the rainbow! We look forward to the next book written by Iveta!

    • Iveta

      Thank you very much Cazzy. I am thrilled that your whole family enjoyed the book so much. I will let you know when Book 4 is available, too.

  5. Jennifer

    It was a very interesting story about how Rosie helps the unicorns find the missing colours of the rainbow. It also showed how important the rainbow is to the earth. I enjoyed Rosie’s adventure (Sarah, age 7).

    I think any young reader who loves magical creatures and dreams of having an adventure will love Rosie’s story. This is very well written with lots of imagery, painting a picture for young imaginations. It is easy to read for young readers as well which is nice. My daughter rarely needed help to sound out words and understood the story quite easily. It is simple and short so it holds attention without being too wordy. Overall a very sweet read and highly recommended.

    • Iveta

      Thank you very much Sarah and Jennifer. I am so happy you enjoyed the book.

  6. KiBadu’s Rainbow

    I absolutely loved this mystery magical unicorn adventure. I love rainbows and enjoyed imagining the colors throughout the story line. The imaginary unicorn was absolutely perfect for this book. A children’s must read. A great bonding tool for parents, teachers, and librarians.

    • Iveta

      Thank you very much for this amazing review. I am so happy that you enjoyed it so much.

  7. Amber, 9 years

    I loved it! It was a good length and very interesting – I love Unicorns and it was fun to read along and solve the mystery.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your books.

    • Iveta

      Thank you very much, Amber. I am so happy that you enjoyed the book. We love unicorns too, they are the best!

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