The Adventures of a Chocolate Bunny

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After being threatened to get eaten, a chocolate bunny finds himself on the loose. After the initial surprise and scare, he embarks on an adventure of his lifetime.

Recommended ages: 4-8 years

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The Adventures of a Chocolate Bunny is an entertaining tale not only for Easter. This book with sweet illustrations will delight both young and old. Although it should be read with consideration as the surprise ending could upset some readers.

1 review for The Adventures of a Chocolate Bunny

  1. Ana

    We just had to buy this book at Easter and read it over the weekend. It definitely got a good giggle out of my 6 year old girl at the ending.

    • Iveta

      That’s great to hear. The ending is quite controversial and some people (adults mainly actually) don’t take it with the humour it was intended to be read with. I’m so happy that you both loved it. Thank you, Iveta

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