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An image of the front cover for Fairy Quest - The Adventures of Rosie Hart, Book 1, series by Iveta Ongley

A young girl sets to save fairy babies. The evil fairy queen stands in her way. Can she face dark magic before it overcomes her?

Recommended ages: 6-12 years

Cinderella’s, Hansel and Gretel’s, and Snow White’s stepmothers may have had a Bahamian descendant, and maybe this is her story. This story holds the probable reason those stepmothers were so unloving towards the daughters they inherited through marriage…the reason that darkened their hearts and had them all hating and hurting a sweet innocent child.

A fantasy book that magically slurps the siblings inside a story. Series of adventure, suspense, mystery and finally a unique spin. The 8 year old author with unleashed imagination shows how child authors have a totally different take on a plot.

What do you get when you put William and Thomas together? A boatload of adventure, that’s what! Just when the neighbors thought it was safe to head outside, William has other plans.

William and Thomas are ten-year-old boys that know how to have fun. From outrageous stunts to spectacular pranks, the boys will keep you guessing. Will anyone be safe?

This is the school edition of Amount to What Counts and The Loot On Cute, a collection of maxims and manners for children. This edition includes lesson plans, challenges, coloring pages and big life question in the theme of ‘would you rather.’

There is an unnamed girl, who is very famous as she is famously unknown. “J.D” always talked in riddles, and this is why she became one.

You must read this and avoid the same end that she met.

Axel is a kind and brave squire, Tullia is a sweet and sassy witch in training. They meet for the first time when they both rush to help a filly who was crying, but neither of them is too sure about the other. Who was the filly and why was she crying? Can Axel and Tullia work together? Will they be able to help the centaur filly?

In a land where magic is forbidden, a miniature family awakens on top of an enormous table. They see their mansion in the distance, sitting on the floor of a giant room. Before long, the Dolls of Mahogany Manor realize that they have been abandoned by the sorcerer who created them, and if humans discover them, they will be destroyed. If they work together, can this tiny family survive in a world full of danger and solve the mystery of their existence?

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